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Hello Titan Families,

It is IMPERATIVE that all parents immediately verify your players’ helmet model is not a Cascade R helmet or Warrior Regulator.  If your player plays in a Cascade R or a Warrior Regulator, please read this and take appropriate action.

Due to safety testing by NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) the safety certification has been voided for all manufacturing dates, on both the Cascade R and the Warrior Regulator helmets.  It is ONLY these two models of helmet. 

**Please note: the Cascade CPX-R, CPV-R and CS-R were not affected by this safety testing and are still fully certified by NOCSAE.  It is only the R model.

***Action Steps***

Cascade has developed a retrofit fix for these helmets and has been approved by NOCSAE.  At this time any player that plays in a Cascade R helmet MUST send it back to Cascade for the fix.  When spring season starts no player will be allowed to practice or play in this helmet if it has not been fixed and re-certified.  Warrior currently does not have any option to recertify helmets.

***Impact on Titan Boys’ Winter Lacrosse sessions***  

Player safety remains the top priority for the Titans Lacrosse Organization. 

Any player who is unable to get their Cascade R, or Warrior Regulator (currently Warrior has no program) recertified prior to winter ball and tryouts will not be allowed on the field wearing the helmet unless the parent/guardian of said player has signed a liability waiver acknowledging they are aware of the risks associated with playing in a non-certified helmet.  In addition, any parent/guardian who chooses to allow their player to play in an uncertified helmet must be aware the US Lacrosse player insurance WILL NOT cover any injury to their player while wearing an uncertified helmet.

***Spring Lacrosse Impact***

Per US Lacrosse and CYLA directives, NO PLAYER will be allowed to practice or play in an uncertified helmet at any time.  There will be no exceptions and no opportunity for waivers during the regular season.

At this time Cascade is saying a minimum turnaround of two weeks for recertifying helmets.  This will likely go up as Cascade represents 80% of the total helmet market in lacrosse.

Please follow this link to find information on the return process.  They will send you a free mailing label and free shipping back. 


At this time Warrior has not developed a fix. 

For any additional questions please direct them to Michael Huss 



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